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Dock Laser Solution

LTBL Tech offers a variety of line lasers to define exterior and interior trucking lanes.

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The dock laser solution is designed to define truck lanes at the loading dock during dawn, dusk, and nighttime operations when painted lines can be challenging to see.  For those customers in climates that get snow, this is the perfect solution since the laser beam illuminates the top of the snow when painted lines are not visible.  
Typically one laser is placed on the driver's side to assist in the dock approach, but two lasers can be used to illuminate both sides of the lane if that is your preference.  Eliminating the guesswork for a driver speeds up docking times and reduces damage to dock doors.

Brand: LTBL Tech

Key Features:

  • Projects red or green lines for enhanced visibility during dawn, dusk, and nighttime operations
  • Eye Safe – IEC class 3R
  • Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor
  • Weather Resistant: IP67
  • Choice of manual activation by operator or activation via motion sensors
  • Easy to install